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We are a boutique agency specialising in a wide range of design disciplines. With 20 years of experience our passion for design carries consistently across all media, whether creating an identity for your organisation or designing a physical space that represents your brand. Our approach is simple and uncomplicated, which results in pure clear messages that resonate with our audiences.

Art Director

Mark Pepperall

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Mark has a huge passion for everything relating to design. He has taken Hot Pepper Design from a handful of local clients to a wide and varied range of local and international clients. With an inquisitive and problem solving mind, Mark has developed a wide knowledge of print, digital and has a passion for product and interior design.


Ali Whelehan

Ali first worked with Hot Pepper Design as an intern for 3 months between studying for her degree in London in 2010. She returned to the company in 2015 to become a full time designer alongside Mark. Ali shares a unique enthusiasm for print, brand development, the creation of bespoke websites and user journeys for clients.


Brand Identity

Identity speaks volumes. We do everything possible to make sure you look your best. With over 17 years of print experience we know our Pantones from our CMYK. Creativity is the key to getting noticed – we make sure you get the attention you deserve.


App / Web

An essential part of everyday business we understand how to make your website connect and give results. We all love an app in our lives – we also love creating the perfect user journey.



Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Images and illustrations can add that extra bit of personality to an idea, making it dynamic and identifiable. Only by using a carefully crafted illustration can you have something completely unique.


Film / Animation

Right now, most online content is predominantly of video format. Hot Pepper Design can create bespoke animation and film promo’s that can boost your companies profile and add the integrity of your brand.


Spatial Design

We have designed a vast array of spaces from exhibitions spaces to restaurants. Whatever the space, we believe in creating amazing places for amazing projects. Each project encompasses the client’s visions, combining our experience to create something truly unique.