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BIG DANCE BUS Celebrates 10 Years

The Big Dance Bus is back!


Its our favourite time of year!! (other than Christmas for Ali!) After 2 successful years of touring in 2012 & 2014 the Big Dance Bus is back, Bigger and Better than ever!

In 2012 we were first commissioned to design publicity for the Big Dance alone with the design for the London Bus that converts into a dance machine in 21 locations across London including Covent Garden and the Olympic Park

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A bright start for The Place’s EDge 2016 tour!

After designing a successful campaign for last years EDge tour, Hot Pepper Design were extremely happy to be working with The Place marketing team and choreographer Jeanne Yasko to create a new vibe for this years works.


Our concepts this year led on from last years sharp lines and punchy neon branded look.
Last year saw neon pink lines cut across the dancers in the publicity, this year carried the theme on with Neon Green lines projected onto the dancers throughout the creation this years leading imagery.


Working with Internationally aclaimed dance photographer Chris Nash this year, Art Director Mark Pepperall projected graphical neon lines across the dancers to emphasise the dancers shapes and create sharp contrast to the dancers fluent movements.


One of the challenges of using Neon colours in the shoot was replicating what we captured on screen into punchy printed material. In order to achieve this we replaced the flattened CMYK green with Neon inks in the print. We also used Award winning Park Lane press for the print who specialise in Waterless printing which gives much more vibrancy on uncoated stocks (and is more environmentally friendly which makes it a win win situation in our books).


We are really happy to see EDge picking up great reviews and the publicity being received well at all theatres. Thanks again The Place, here’s looking forward to 2017!

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